‘Save our village forest’ প্লাস্টিক দূষণ: বছরে মারা যাচ্ছে প্রায় ১ মিলিয়ন সামুদ্রিক পাখি International Plastic Bag Free Day 3rd July, 2020 – A Webinar Arranged by ESDO Green activists for stopping use of plastic bags International Plastic Bag free Day-2020 Plastic Free July in 2020 Plastic Free July – there are alternatives to single use packaging City of sydney now runs on 100% renewable energy PPP to boost organic agriculture in Mahaweli Global Environmental Health Day 2020
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‘The kids need to be outside’: Lincoln parents react to playgrounds reopening


Dhaka, 29 June, 2020: Lincoln Parks and Rec is gradually reopening its 89 playgrounds after closing them nearly three months ago. On Sunday, some Lincoln parents brought their kids to the playground at Bethany Park. A Lincoln mother, Laura Blakesley, said her sons are happy to be back outside playing. "They were upset when everything was […]

The School Reopeners Think America Is Forgetting About Kids


Dhaka, 26 June, 2020: Jennifer Nuzzo hopes to send her kids to camp this summer, but like many parents, she’s a little worried about it. The camp she selected for her son requires kids to wear masks, and she thinks he might get overheated. Other than that, though, she sees little problem with kids attending […]

How parents can keep their kids physically fit in lockdown, from a sports teacher

Active african kid girl copy father doing handstand at home

Dhaka, 23 June, 2020: A survey by a market intelligence company in 2019 found that two-third of Indians don’t exercise. This being the case, even those who exercise regularly, are at the risk of falling into a new routine of a sedentary lifestyle in the time of corona scare, with gyms, sports clubs, parks and, in […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Kids & Medical Care During the Pandemic


Dhaka, 19 June, 2020: The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put many doctor visits on hold. So, fewer kids are getting the medical care they need. But kids should see their doctors as needed, for well-child visits and other care. Here's what parents should know about visiting the doctor during this time. Should Healthy Kids Still Go for Checkups? Even […]

Healthy At Home – Healthy parenting


Dhaka, 17 June, 2020: Across the world, due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), children are affected by physical distancing, quarantines and nationwide school closures. Some children and young people may be feeling more isolated, anxious, bored and uncertain.They may feel fear, and grief, over the impact of the virus on their families. Working with our […]

How to support kids’ and teens’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic


Dhaka, 10 June, 2020: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant amount of attention on our mental health. While organizations are compiling a wide range of online toolkits and templates, the impact of the pandemic on those with pre-existing mental health challenges seems to be missing from our collective conversation. Although all of us are feeling […]

How Covid-19 is changing the world’s children


Dhaka, 8 June, 2020: When today’s children and adolescents grow up, will they see themselves as a “lost generation”, whose lives will forever fall in the shadow of a global pandemic? The school closures are one of the most visible – and controversial – means by which Covid-19 is affecting young people. According to Unesco, the […]

As COVID-19 devastates already fragile health systems, over 6,000 additional children under five could die a day, without urgent action


Dhaka, 8 June, 2020: An additional 6,000 children could die every day from preventable causes over the next six months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weaken health systems and disrupt routine services, UNICEF said today. The estimate is based on an analysis by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, newly published in […]

Importance of eating healthy to avoid obesity – 8 tips to ensure children do not gain weight during lockdown


Dhaka, 31 May, 2020: The coronavirus pandemic has led all of us to stay at home, and children, perhaps are the most affected due to the restriction. They are not going to school, and do not have their normal evening play-time either. Playing games and sports with friends and mates in school and in the […]

How to Build a Better Child Care System


Dhaka, 30 May, 2020: Suddenly everyone — parents, caregivers, workers, employers, policymakers — is acutely aware of child care’s relationship to American labor markets. The Los Angeles Times, HuffPost, The Washington Post, CNN.com and FoxNews.com have run variations on the headline, “You Can’t Reopen the Economy Without Child Care.” It’s a widespread concern because it’s obviously correct. Millions of Americans have been […]


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