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24 Animals That Are Going Extinct, and Why It’s Happening


Dhaka, 3 April 2021: In 2019, the United Nations released a report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), warning of an “unprecedented” and “dangerous” decline of nature as extinction rates skyrocketed for species around the world. In its report compiling information from 145 experts in 50 countries, IPBES warns, “The average abundance […]

Lawachhara Forest: Rare leopard cat crushed under wheels


Dhaka, 1 April, 2021: An endangered leopard cat was killed while crossing a road in Jonakichhara area of ​​Lawachhara forest in Moulvibazar's Kamalganj upazila yesterday. The leopard cat died after being crushed under the wheels of a speeding vehicle around 12:00 noon, said Motaleb Hossain, range officer of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Department in […]

The legal framework on biodiversity conservation


Dhaka, 10 March, 2021: The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic reminds us the fact that if we destroy biodiversity, we actually collapse the system that supports human life to exist. The significance of biodiversity to ensure human well-being and to achieve sustainable development is undeniable. The UN Human Rights Council, in its 34th session, underscored that the […]



Dhaka, March 1, 2021: It’s not easy to get out of the traffic of Dhaka, but once you do, the marshy, forested wilderness of Bangladesh is thick. Now, travelers today are unlikely to run across Bangladesh’s most famous animal, the mighty Bengal tiger, but hidden in the swamps and jungles, some very special animals are lurking. Despite […]

Sundarbans: Let’s save our best friend


Dhaka, 18 February, 2021: The Sundarbans plays a motherly role in protecting Bangladesh from natural disasters. The Sundarbans has become essential to our lives for a variety of reasons. The Sundarbans is the largest delta in the world and one of the longest saline wetlands and a very important ecosystem rich in biodiversity. Its area in […]

Shrinking habitat endangers Bangladesh’s wild elephants


Dhaka, 20 January, 2021: Asian wild elephants are under serious threat in southeast Bangladesh due to the construction of huge settlements on forest land and hills which has shrunk the mammals’ habitat and restricted their free movement. Uncontrolled grabbing of forest land and hills by local influential people is also ruining the biodiversity of the […]

To Prevent Pandemics and Protect Biodiversity, Combat Wildlife Crime


Dhaka, 26 January, 2021: In my weekly column for World Politics Review, I argue that national governments need to close the gaps in two major multilateral treaties to more effecitvely tackle illicit trade in wild animals, which threatens global public health. The growing prevalence of zoonotic diseases, underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing loss of biodiversity around the […]

The importance of biodiversity for our own safety


Dhaka, 5 January, 2021: Protecting biodiversity plays a crucial part in achieving the emissions reductions. The destruction of forest ecosystems is responsible for 11 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans, so conserving forests would stop the release of these gases into the atmosphere. Trees and plants also store carbon in their […]

Protecting our biodiversity


Dhaka, 21 December, 2020: As we start 2017 we have many encouraging numbers to be proud of. The country has been sustaining GDP growth at 6.3 percent for the last five years. Per capita income (USD 1,314) is more than twice of that of 2008. Less than 13 percent of us are now extreme poor, […]

We’ve talked enough about biodiversity. Let’s try to save it now


Dhaka, 23 November, 2020: We may blame Covid-19 for drawing our attention away from biodiversity conservation. But the truth is, for a long time, we have been talking about biodiversity a lot, rather than saving it. That is why the World Wildlife Fund International estimates that the earth's wildlife has gone down by almost 70 percent […]


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