CAG Brand Audit: Who’s the biggest plastic polluter in the city? Wildlife in ‘catastrophic decline’ due to human destruction, scientists warn Bangladesh takes another step towards tackling global climate change Tips for managing mental health during COVID-19 The remarkable floating gardens of Bangladesh ESDO initiates ‘Zero Waste’ project on waste management কঠিন বর্জ্য হ্রাসে ‘জিরো ওয়েস্ট’ প্রকল্প ESDO launches zero waste project for a cleaner environment ESDO organized an Project Inception Workshop for the project “Building Zero Waste Community for a pollution free environment in Bangladesh” Nasrul: 17% electricity to come from renewable sources
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Bangladesh takes another step towards tackling global climate change


Dhaka, 21 September, 2020: During July last year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina hosted the Global Commission on Adaptation meeting in Dhaka attended by the co-chairs of the Commission, former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and Kristalina Georgiva, head of the International Monetary Fund. During the bilateral discussion between the Prime Minister and […]

Wetlands and climate change: A more potent connection than meets the eye

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Dhaka, 8 September, 2020: The overlooked potential of wetlands can be a key to building climate change resilience Natural features in wetlands are proving to be essential in building climate change resilience. Wetlands are either temporarily (eg, intertidal zones) or permanently, (eg, swamps water-infused lands). Additionally, wetlands are considered the largest ‘carbon sink’ in the […]

Dr Momen: Climate change adaptation unworkable without mitigation efforts of polluting nations


Dhaka, 28 August, 2020: One in seven people in Bangladesh to be displaced by climate change in next 30 years and it is irreversible, said the foreign minister The adaptation measures undertaken by Bangladesh to reduce the adverse effects of climate change will not work until the polluting nations take adequate mitigation efforts, Foreign Minister […]

Climate change is not merely an environmental problem


Dhaka, 8 August, 2020: There is an emerging global consensus that climate change will stress the economic, social, and political systems that underpin each nation state. “Climate Change is transforming the way we think about security. The present situation is a wake up call that the climate crisis is no longer just an environmental and development […]

Climate change threatens lives and futures of over 19 million children in Bangladesh


Dhaka, 29 July, 2020: Devastating floods, cyclones and other environmental disasters linked to climate change are threatening the lives and futures of more than 19 million children in Bangladesh, UNICEF said today. In a new report, UNICEF says that while Bangladeshis have developed admirable powers of resilience, more resources and innovative programmes are urgently needed to avert the […]

Reserve forest being razed in Rangamati


Dhaka, 9 July, 2020: Trees and plants on many acres in one of the country’s oldest reserve forests, Sita Pahar, have been razed in Rangamati but the authorities have virtually done nothing to stop it.  The razing has been going on for one and a half years at the forest range adjacent to the Karnaphuli river and […]

Collaborative research can be integral to climate action


Dhaka, 8 July, 2020: The government of the United Kingdom has had a very cordial relationship with Bangladesh since our independence and the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) has been a significant bilateral development partner for many years. DFID is currently in the process of designing a new, major five-year programme to support Bangladesh's […]

Environmentalists for big budget to weather climate change


Dhaka, 29 June, 2020: Civil society leaders at a press conference on Sunday demanded allocation of at least one per cent of GDP in the national budget to weather the impacts of climate change. Network on Climate Change in Bangladesh (NCC,B), a platform of 19 non-governmental organisations, held the press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity […]

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought – 2020


Dhaka, 17 June, 2020: Each year, on 17 June, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is celebrated to encourage public understanding of international efforts to combat desertification. This year’s observance is focused on changing public attitudes to the leading driver of desertification and land degradation: humanity’s relentless production and consumption. The day provides an opportunity […]

Climate change: older trees loss continue around the world


Older, carbon-rich tropical forests continue to be lost at a frightening rate, according to satellite data. Dhaka, 2 June, 2020: In 2019, an area of primary forest the size of a football pitch was lost every six seconds, the University of Maryland study of trees more than 5 metres says. Brazil accounted for a third of it, its […]


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