Ten more elephants poisoned by poachers in Zimbabwe Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions Ratty returns: hundreds of water voles released in UK’s biggest reintroduction Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters Plastic polluted Arctic islands are dumping ground for Gulf Stream Plastic polluted Arctic islands are dumping ground for Gulf Stream EU moves to restrict hormone-disrupting chemical found in plastics ‘Plankton explosion’ turns Istanbul’s Bosphorus turquoise Climate change study in Canada’s Hudson Bay thwarted by climate change Global demand for coal falls in 2016 for second year in a row
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Most global investors recognize financial risk of climate change, report finds

Global index reveals 60% of asset owners are now taking some action, but warns there is still ‘enormous resistance’ to managing climate risk. For the first time a majority of global investor heavyweights recognise the financial risks of climate change, according to the results of a major global index rating how investors manage such risks. […]

Radio Monsoon aims to ensure safety reigns among fishermen in south India

With the rainy season approaching in Kerala state, a radio station is providing a low-tech forecast service to encourage 30,000 families to fish more safely. For the fisherfolk of India’s southern state of Kerala, risking life and limb is part of everyday life. As fish stocks deplete in coastal waters because of overfishing and climate […]

Rivers vanishing into thin air: this is what the climate crisis looks like

A Canadian river was the first observed case of ‘river piracy’. When nature’s thresholds are passed, landscapes can transform in the blink of an eye. The Slims river in northern Canada gained infamy, not for its fishing or pristine waters, but for vanishing in a matter of four days in May 2016. This week we learned […]

Climate change will fuel terrorism recruitment, report for German foreign office says

Climate change will fuel acts of terrorism and strengthen recruiting efforts by terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Boko Haram, a report commissioned by the German foreign office has found. Terrorist groups will exploit the natural disasters and water and food shortages expected to result from climate change and allow them to recruit more easily, […]

Climate change: surely the most important news story of our age?

Jonathan Watts, the Guardian’s new global environment editor, explains why he feels compelled to return to full-time, specialised environmental reportin. Last week the Guardian announced that it was expanding its environment desk, adding three heavyweight reporters to its continent-spanning, award-winning team. Here Jonathan Watts, who will take up the new role of global environment editor in a […]

Humans on the verge of causing Earth’s fastest climate change in 50m years

Humans are changing Earth’s climate at an alarmingly fast rate. A new study published in Nature Communications looks at changes in solar activity and carbon dioxide levels over the past 420 million years. The authors found that on our current path, by mid-century humans will be causing the fastest climate change in approximately 50 million years, and […]

New study shows worrisome signs for Greenland ice

Greenland ice is melting fast, and could potentially cause many meters of sea level rise. As humans put more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide, ice around the planet melts. This melting can be a problem, particularly if the melting ice starts its life on land. That’s because the melt water flows into […]

We must act immediately to save the Great Barrier Reef

And so it begins: the end of days. The Great Barrier Reef is bleaching for the second year in a row and now, according to the results of helicopter surveys released on Monday, it is the middle part (all 300 miles-plus of it) that is suffering the awful reef stress that comes courtesy of a warming ocean. Coral […]

California governor declares end to drought emergency

Up to 100 million trees died in one of driest periods in the state's history. One of the worst droughts in California history has officially ended, Governor Jerry Brown declared, but not before it strained the state's farm economy and threatened water supplies for millions of residents. Govenor Brown's announcement on Friday covered the bulk […]

Great Barrier Reef at ‘terminal stage’: scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data

‘Last year was bad enough, this is a disaster,’ says one expert as Australia Research Council finds fresh damage across 8,000km. Back-to-back severe bleaching events have affected two-thirds of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, new aerial surveys have found. The findings have caused alarm among scientists, who say the proximity of the 2016 and 2017 bleaching events […]


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