Climate change may destroy Sundarbans’ tigers in 50 years: Study Draft clean air act presented for immediate approval Environment minister: Brick kilns responsible for 58% air pollution in Dhaka Elephants face ‘time bomb’ in Bangladesh Plastic pollution: One town smothered by 17,000 tonnes of rubbish Toxic black snow covers Siberian coalmining region Homemaker to trendsetter Social behavior of western lowland gorillas ‘It is our future’: children call time on climate inaction in UK With 86% Drop, California’s Monarch Butterfly Population Hits Record Low
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Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm

The population of Antarctic krill, the favourite food of many whales, penguins, fish and seals, shifted southward during a recent period of warming in their key habitat, new research shows. Antarctic krill are shrimp-like crustaceans which occur in enormous numbers in the cold Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica. They have a major role in the food […]

When the ice melts: the catastrophe of vanishing glaciers

The fall lasts long enough that I have time to watch the blue ice race upward, aeons of time compressed into glacial ice, flashing by in fractions of seconds. I assume I’ve fallen far enough that I’ve pulled my climbing partner, Sean, into the crevasse with me. This is what it’s like to die in […]

Lake Baikal: how climate change is threatening the world’s oldest, deepest lake

Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest, deepest lake, is feeling the temperature of human-induced climate change. Situated in southern Siberia, Baikal occupies one of the fastest warming regions on the planet and, as a result, the lake itself has got warmer, seasonal ice is present for a shorter period of time and has got thinner, and its waters […]

Australia had third-warmest year on record in 2018

Last year was Australia’s third-warmest year on record, with every state and territory recording above average temperatures in 2018. According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s annual climate statement, the nation’s average temperature last year was 1.14C above the average for 1961-1990, making 2018 slightly warmer than 2017. “When we look across all of Australia in […]

Report: US 2018 CO2 emissions saw biggest spike in years

The spike is the largest in eight years, according to Rhodium Group, an independent economic research firm.The data shows the US is unlikely to meet its pledge to reduce emissions by 2025 under the Paris climate agreement. Under President Donald Trump, the US is set to leave the Paris accord in 2020 while his administration […]

‘Momentum is growing’: reasons to be hopeful about the environment in 2019

Extreme weather hit the headlines throughout 2018, from the heatwave across much of the northern hemisphere, which saw unprecedented wildfires in Sweden, drought in the UK and devastating wildfires in the US, to floods in India and typhoons in south-east Asia. According to the World Meteorological Organisation, last year was the fourth hottest on record and confirms […]

Climate change: LED lights making dent in UK energy demand

Installing a single low-energy LED bulb may make a trivial contribution to cutting the carbon emissions that are overheating the planet.ut if millions choose LEDs, then with a twist of the collective wrist, their efforts will make a small but significant dent in the UK's energy demand.Studies show making products more efficient has – along […]

Climate secrets of the world’s most remote island

"It's impressive, beautiful and scary as hell to work on."Welcome to Bouvet Island, a small volcanic rock in the South AtlanticThe Sub-Antarctic territory is thousands of kilometres from civilisation, and its high cliffs and ice-cap mean very few people have ever put a foot on it.The weather doesn't help. Sticking out of the ocean the […]

Hope for ‘decent’ climate talks outcome

The likelihood of a deal at global climate talks in Poland has increased after a new draft text was released.The outline decision contains plans for a common rulebook for all countries, with flexibility for poorer nations.There are also calls for all countries to increase their carbon cutting commitments by 2020. But many issues are not […]

‘It’s warm water now’: climate change strands sea turtles on Cape Cod shores

At the New England Aquarium’s sea turtle hospital in a repurposed shipyard building south of Boston, the casualties of climate change swim in tanks as they recover after being pulled stunned from the beach.Every year, as autumn turns to winter and ocean temperatures off Massachusetts drop below 10C (50F), dead, dying and stricken sea turtles wash up […]


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