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Gender Equality and Food Security in Rural South Asia: A Holistic Approach to the SDGs


Dhaka, 5 January, 2021: Globally, nearly 690 million people were hungry in 2019. Though the number of people who experience hunger in Asia has declined since 2015, the continent still accounts for more than half of the world’s hungry, or undernourished, at approximately 381 million people. Working toward Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2), “Zero Hunger,” will require […]

Bangladesh needs to better soil health for future food security


Dhaka, 21 December, 2020: Maintaining biodiversity of soil is a must to ensure future food security, experts observed at a seminar on Saturday. To raise food output for a growing population, maintaining good health of soil is an indispensible part of agricultural practice, they viewed. The experts came up with the opinions at the seminar […]

Agriculture Secy: BADC working to ensure food security


Dhaka, 12 November, 2020: BADC seeds need to be more accessible to farmers, the agriculture secretary said Agriculture Secretary Md Mesbahul Islam said Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) will be working to ensure food security in the country and also contribute to the outside world.  He said: "Apart from agricultural production, we want to ensure […]

Experts: Adequate supply of food in Bangladesh


Dhaka, 8 October, 2020: At least 11 million tons of potatoes was cultivated in the current season, which can feed the country for another 11 months Experts on Monday said that there was sufficient supply of rice, wheat, potatoes, lentils and maize in Bangladesh. Additionally, they also said that the stock of rice could meet […]

How do we ensure food security in post-pandemic Bangladesh?


Dhaka, 9 September, 2020: Bangladesh is a service sector led economy, where 52.8 percent of the GDP comes from the service sector, followed by 29.6 percent from industry and 12.6 percent from agriculture. Since independence, the contribution of agriculture to GDP has been decreasing with time. That does not mean that the volume of agriculture […]

Flood damages Tk 13.23b crops


Dhaka, 21 August, 2020: A farmer inspects a papaya fruit tree in a farmland totally damaged by the recent flood at Binadangi of Singair upazila of Manikganj district on Wednesday. — Sony Ramany The ongoing flood has damaged crops worth about Tk 13.23 billion of over 1.2 million farmers in 37 districts between June 25 […]



Dhaka, 29 July, 2020: Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world with a population of over 165 million and a projected population, based on current growth trends, of well over 200 million by 2050.  This demographic burden places tremendous economic, social and environmental strain on the country and dramatically affects its ability to […]

Nigeria Food Security Outlook Update, June 2020 – January 2021


Dhaka, 8 July, 2020: Sustained conflict associated with Boko Haram coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, has led to an increase in the populations facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Emergency (IPC Phase 4). In accessible areas of the northeast, purchasing power is below average as staple food prices significantly increased. Households are accessing […]

Food security — a respite for the country


Dhaka, 24 June, 2020: With a fairly good harvest of Boro paddy, there is apparently no reason to worry about the country's food stock for another six months, according to the agriculture ministry. The next major paddy crop Aman which is set to be harvested in less than six months and that of Aus, a […]

COVID-19 and the future of food: Switch expenditure for sustained food security


Dhaka, 4 June, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for agriculture and food security, and governments must take action, Raghbendra Jha writes. In 2016, even before the COVID-19 crisis, the Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that 815 million people or 10.7 per cent of the population at that time were going hungry. The Status of Food Insecurity […]


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