Climate change may destroy Sundarbans’ tigers in 50 years: Study Draft clean air act presented for immediate approval Environment minister: Brick kilns responsible for 58% air pollution in Dhaka Elephants face ‘time bomb’ in Bangladesh Plastic pollution: One town smothered by 17,000 tonnes of rubbish Toxic black snow covers Siberian coalmining region Homemaker to trendsetter Social behavior of western lowland gorillas ‘It is our future’: children call time on climate inaction in UK With 86% Drop, California’s Monarch Butterfly Population Hits Record Low
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Rabbits, chickens and Tin Tin the goat: the backyard farms of Nairobi

In a space of less than an eighth of an acre in Huruma, a small informal settlement in north-east Nairobi, is a tiny farm housing 19 goats and 286 birds – chickens, doves and guineafowl. Pens and cages have been cobbled together with discarded wood and corrugated iron. Goats hop from a pen curious to […]

Water Innovations For A Hot, Hungry Planet

Water crises are among the top five global risks in the world today. Nearly a third of the global population copes without access to safe water and as many as 700 million “water refugees” could be displaced due to intense water scarcity by 2030. Against this backdrop, we need to nourish a growing population – and yet agriculture uses nearly three quarters of our […]

The miracle method for sustainable rice – and bigger harvests

The fragrant jasmine rice growing on the left side of Kreaougkra Junpeng’s five-acre field stands nearly five feet tall. Each plant has 15 or more tillers, or stalks, and the grains hang heavy from them. The Thai farmer says this will be his best-ever harvest in 30 years and he will reap it four weeks […]

PM: Food adulteration a form of corruption

The government is paying special attention to producing nutritious food in the country, she also said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pledged to put more effort into stopping food adulteration – calling it another form of corruption. "Mixing adulterants with food is also a kind of corruption," she said at a ceremony held at the […]

Want to fix obesity and climate change at the same time? Make Big Food companies pay.

Obesity, climate change, and malnutrition are among the greatest global crises facing our world today. Wouldn’t it be great if there were solutions to tackle all three problems at once? That might sound far-fetched. But a new report, published Sunday in the Lancet, implores us to think about the possibility of big, systemic fixes for these […]

FAO encourages investing in rural development and agriculture

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has urged African governments to invest in rural development and agriculture as this offers rural youth an alternative to migration. Working in over 130 countries worldwide and with over 94 member states, FAO is a specialised agency of United Nations that leads international efforts to […]

Food minister: Ensuring food security is top priority

He added that safe and unadulterated food must be available for the publicFood Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder has directed the officials concerned, in Naogaon, to ensure food security by all necessary means.He also told them to ensure the availability of safe and unadulterated food for the public. The newly-appointed minister issued the directive during a […]

Food Front: Not That Rosy at All

Can we remain satisfied with the current goings? A big ‘no’. As per ‘Global report on food crisis’ in 2017, almost 124 million people across 51 countries and territories faced crisis levels of acute food insecurity or worse and required urgent humanitarian action. In 2016 the population in need of urgent action was estimated at […]

The lifesaving food 90% aren’t eating enough of

If I offered you a superfood that would make you live longer, would you be interested?Naturally it reduces the chances of debilitating heart attacks and strokes as well as life-long diseases such as type-2 diabetes.And it helps keep your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels down.I should mention it's cheap and widely available in the […]

High-fiber diet linked to lower risk of death and chronic diseases

People who eat diets that are high in fiber have lower risk of death and chronic diseases such as stroke or cancer compared with people with low fiber intake, a new analysis found.Dietary fiber includes plant-based carbohydrates such as whole-grain cereal, seeds and some legumes. Fiber's health benefits have been recorded "by over 100 years […]


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