Humanity is ‘cutting down the tree of life’, warn scientists Supreme Court Rejects Lead-Paint Maker Appeals in $400 Million Case Global sea level could rise 50 feet by 2300, study says Climate Change and Honey bees NASA Sees the Development of Eastern Atlantic Tropical Storm Nadine Voyage of the Seal Arctic ice cap destabilizes at ‘unprecedented’ speed IIASA contributes to IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C Genetic Tool to Predict Adult Heart Attack Risk in Childhood US plan to genetically alter crops via insects feared to be biological war plan
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Maine investigates restaurant that gave lobsters marijuana

State health inspectors are investigating a Maine restaurant that tried to mellow out lobsters with marijuana before killing them to be served, cracked and eaten. The Portland Press Herald reported that Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor remains open but has stopped allowing customers to request meat from lobsters sedated with marijuana. Owner Charlotte […]

Millions of dead chickens and pigs found in hurricane floods

Eric Phelps steered a small, battery-powered pontoon boat over the tops of cornstalks and into the eastern North Carolina town of Wallace on Thursday afternoon. The smell of floodwater under a hot sun – a mix of oil, manure and mold – was overwhelming. Gliding across the surface, Phelps saw something even more unsettling: dead […]

North Island farmers lose 100,000 lambs after spring storm

Farmers have suffered "devastating" lamb losses in eastern and central North Island over the last two weeks with an estimated toll of about 100,000. At current prices of $144 per mature lamb, the economic hit could be $14.4 million. By contrast Otago and Southland farmers are expected to escape lightly from the impact of snow […]

Off Tanzania, in one of the world’s richest seas, why is the catch getting smaller?

Fishing boat XTK191, known as Home Boy, returned to Kivukoni fish market in downtown Dar es Salaam at dawn one day last week. The 15 young men on board the old dhow dropped anchor and heaved their catch over the side for others to run it across the beach to where hundreds of traders milled. […]

Europe’s meat and dairy production must halve by 2050, expert warns

Europe’s animal farming sector has exceeded safe bounds for greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient flows and biodiversity loss, and urgently needs to be scaled back, according to a major report. Pressure on livestock farmers is set to intensify this century as global population and income growth raises demand for meat-based products beyond the planet’s capacity to […]

EDITORIAL – Long-term food security

When prices rise, the uptick can be reversed or at least eased if the supply is increased. This is what the government is hoping for as food imports are ramped up after the inflation rate hit a nine-year high of 6.4 percent in August. So far, the government is increasing rice imports and moving to […]

Focus more on food security, nutrition

Poor countries like Bangladesh should pay attention to ensuring food safety and reducing malnutrition in their efforts to attain food security, one of the Sustainable Development Goals, said an expert yesterday. Nations such as Bangladesh should also focus on renewable energy to face the challenge of global warming and climate change, said Prof Jomo Kwame […]

Falling yields of key UK crops could raise food prices and leave farmers struggling

Yields of key crops have fallen significantly in this year’s harvest as a result of the hot summer and massive swings in weather, leaving farmers counting the cost and consumers facing higher prices for food. After record heatwaves and drought, when rain finally arrived it caused problems in some areas, particularly the north and west, […]

Crop losses to pests will soar as climate warms, study warns

Rising global temperatures mean pests will devour far more of the world’s crops, according to the first global analysis of the subject, even if climate change is restricted to the international target of 2C. Increasing heat boosts both the number and appetite of insects, and researchers project they will destroy almost 50% more wheat than […]

Fish populations could rise in warming climate with better management

Better management of fisheries and fishing rights around the world could increase profits and leave more fish in the sea as long as measures to meet climate obligations are taken, new research has found. Even if temperatures rise by as much as 4C above pre-industrial levels – in the upper range of current forecasts – […]


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