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Homemaker to trendsetter

Once a homemaker, Rina Begum is now revered as an agricultural trendsetter in her village Mamudpur in Tangail. The 48-year-old has been into organic farming for over a decade. Rina is fondly known as “the model farmer” in her locality. Through hard work and dedication, she has been leading “poison-free” agriculture in the area. She […]

Organic vegetable farming brings smiles to farmers of Gopalganj, Pirojpur

With organic farming, farmers have been able to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers in Gopalganj and Pirojpur districts are enjoying the cultivation of safe vegetables in the front and backyards of their homes throughout the year using only organic methods. Safe vegetables are healthy for the human body, and more flavorful as well.  That […]

Use of vermicompost fertilizer increases in Tangail farmlands

Farmers are making more profits through this with less expenditureThe use of biological or vermicompost fertilizer has increased in Delduar upazila in Tangail district. As a result, this compost will revive the quality of the soil and help produce chemical-free crops and fruits. Thus, farmers are making more profits with less expenditure. Crops produced using […]

Avoid using excessive pesticide in vegetable farming: Khasru

Dhaka, Jan 26 (UNB) – State Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Md Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru on Saturday urged farmers to avoid excessive use of pesticide in vegetable farming as well to be refrained from marketing premature vegetables. The minister came up with the call while visiting the three-day-long National Vegetable Fair 2019 at Krishibid […]

Turning chicken manure into organic fertilizer

Kazi Farms prefers composting over biogas for productive use of poultry litter Large egg farms in Bangladesh have a problem: they produce a lot of smelly manure. Farmers buy manure during a certain season; the rest of the year it piles up, and provokes complaints of odour and flies from neighbouring households. Some large farms […]

Organic farming is on the rise in the U.S.

There were more than 14,000 certified organic farms in the United States in 2016, according to the latest available data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. This represents a 56% increase from 2011, the earliest comparable year. And while California remains king when it comes to the number of organic farms, several other […]

Farmlands lose fertile topsoil to brick fields in Lalmonirhat

The topsoil of vast areas of farmlands in the agriculture based northern district is being used for manufacturing bricks, which is having a harmful impact on agriculture and the environment. Farmers are aware in this regard, but they are forced to sell the topsoil of their farmlands to brick kiln owners. Around 40 brick kilns […]

Appetite for organic food on the rise

Only a small number of people living in urban areas prefer organic food, which, inspite of being cultivated in larger quantities, forms only 1 per cent of the total agricultural produce. But demand is certainly increasing.“Cultivation and consumption of organic food have definitely increased. But the production of organic food hasn't increased by more than […]

Combat climate change effects, go organic

With farmers in many parts of India shifting from chemicals-based farming to organic cultivation, experts say that organic agriculture and permaculture have the potential to adapt to climate change. Massive agricultural growth in India was set off by the chemicals-driven green revolution, but organic agriculture is now growing rapidly all across the country. India has the highest […]

Guava farming gets popular

A good number of farmers in northwest Bangladesh have shifted to guava farming as the fruit brings good returns.The water-stressed Barind region is perfect for growing guavas, which require a tenth of the water compared with traditional crops, such as paddy. Cultivation on the red, dry soil of on the highlands also presents farmers with […]


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