‘Save our village forest’ প্লাস্টিক দূষণ: বছরে মারা যাচ্ছে প্রায় ১ মিলিয়ন সামুদ্রিক পাখি International Plastic Bag Free Day 3rd July, 2020 – A Webinar Arranged by ESDO Green activists for stopping use of plastic bags International Plastic Bag free Day-2020 Plastic Free July in 2020 Plastic Free July – there are alternatives to single use packaging City of sydney now runs on 100% renewable energy PPP to boost organic agriculture in Mahaweli Global Environmental Health Day 2020
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Virus effect on wildlife efforts


Dhaka, 1 July, 2020: The Covid-19 pandemichas spread to all corners of the globe,ravaging life, livelihoods, and the economy.As a result, most nations have implemented various levels of lockdown torestrictindustrial output, vehicular transport, and gatherings of people to ensure social distancing. The positive environmental consequences of this lockdown are conspicuous. There is a marked improvement […]

Wildlife scientists examine the great ‘human pause’


Dhaka, 23 June, 2020: A UK-led team has launched an initiative to track wildlife before, during and after lockdown. The researchers' aim is to study what they have called the "anthropause" – the global-scale, temporary slowdown in human activity, which is likely to have a profound impact on other species. Measuring that impact, they say, will […]

Cyclone Amphan: What will happen to the wild animals of Sundarbans?


Dhaka, 12 June, 2020: As Cyclone Amphan hits Bangladesh, centring the Sundarbans, the wild animals would face the adverse effects directly Although vulnerable people are evacuated from the coastal and forest areas ahead of tropical cyclones, the fate of the wild animals in the mangroves who face the devastation remains uncertain. As Cyclone Amphan hits […]

World Environment Day: “We Care Nature: Keep Biodiversity”

environment day _eng

4th June, 2020, Dhaka: 5th June, World Environment Day 2020, “Celebrate Biodiversity”. Due to covid-19 epidemic the celebration is happening digitally and all the activities are taken place within limit all over the world. This year millions of people in more than 100 countries are celebrating World Environment Day in online platforms. Environment and Social […]

Wildlife poaching in India more than doubles during lockdown: Report


Dhaka, 4 June, 2020: Incidents of wildlife poaching in India have more than doubled during the Covid-19 lockdown with 88 animals being killed for meat and trade during this time compared to 35 in the pre-lockdown days in February, a new study has revealed. The study conducted by TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network and […]

Wildlife Conservation Crumbling As Ecotourism Drops Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Dhaka, 12 May, 2020: Conservation work to protect some of the world’s vulnerable wildlife species and ecosystems are now facing an emergency situation as ecotourism comes to a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many wildlife organisations rely on funding from visitors for critical projects to safeguard endangered species and habitats, and are now on the brink of […]

Wildlife in south africa needs protection more than ever before


Dhaka, 2, May, 2020: Conservationists fear that wildlife in South Africa could be the next victim of the coronavirus. With no tourists at the reserves, staff worry that poachers will take advantage of the lockdown as fewer people are watching the animals. From 1 May, South Africa is due to begin easing its lockdown, however […]

Going on a bee hunt


Dhaka, 1, April, 2020: As the name suggests, European bee-eaters eat bees – as well as other insects. They catch them in midair, carry them to a perch and pound them to rub out the venom, making them safe to eat. One of Europe’s most colourful birds, they are still an unusual sight in the […]

Sunderbans included in govt’s wetland management plan


Kolkata: The state Environment department has included Sunderbans in its wetland management plan and has constituted a committee that will prepare a project report on its proper management. The committee in its report will also include an action plan for the protection of East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) – a Ramsar site where illegal constructions have […]

Meet the Wildlife Police


The Border Force officers at Heathrow Airport were suspicious. Something just didn’t seem right about the tall stack of polystyrene foam trays, marked “frozen fish,” that had passed through customs in London on their way to a flight bound for Hong Kong. The agents removed the top tray—and discovered carton after carton filled with 440 […]


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