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মাগুরায় মাত্রাতিরিক্ত সিসা থাকায় কৃষিপণ্য বর্জনের পরামর্শ


ঢাকা, ২ জানুয়ারী, ২০২১: বারাশিয়া গ্রামের মাটি ও কৃষিপণ্যে অতিরিক্ত সিসার উপস্থিতি আছে। তাই সেখানে উৎপাদিত পণ্য পরিহারের পরামর্শ দিয়েছে প্রাণিসম্পদ বিভাগ। মাগুরা সদর উপজেলার বারাশিয়া গ্রামের মাটি ও কৃষিপণ্যের ১১টি নমুনা পরীক্ষায় মাত্রাতিরিক্ত হারে সিসার উপস্থিতি পাওয়া গেছে। এমন পরিস্থিতিতে প্রাণঘাতী সিসার বিষক্রিয়া থেকে মুক্তি পেতে সেখানকার খেতে উৎপাদিত কৃষিপণ্য খাদ্যতালিকা থেকে সরিয়ে নেওয়ার পরামর্শ […]

Environmental activists demand emergency regulations to ban lead-based paints in Bangladesh


Dhaka, 10 November, 2020: They highlighted harmful effects of lead pollution through banners, placards, festoons, etc., at a human chain formed to mark the 8th International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Currently, 90 parts per million (ppm) lead is being used in paint in Bangladesh; Photo: Courtesy The Environment and Social Development Organisation (ESDO) has demanded […]

59 areas heavily polluted by lead battery recycling


Dhaka, 17 October, 2020: Research finds 59 areas in 147 recycling zones in six divisional headquarters with heavy lead contamination More than one-third of the lead-acid battery recycling factories across the country are seriously polluting the environment, says a research. The research conducted by the Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) indicates that of the […]

Residents of a Kenyan village awarded $12 million in a lawsuit over lead poisoning


Dhaka, 18 June, 2020: (CNN) A Kenyan community whose children and residents were sickened by lead from a battery smelting plant has been awarded $12 million (1.3 billion Kenyan shillings) following a civil lawsuit. The court ordered the government to clean up Owino Uhuru, a village on the outskirts of Mombosa, within four months and gave the relevant agencies 90 […]

New Philippines Study Reveals Dangerous Levels of Lead in Spray Paints Being Sold in Retail Outlets


Dhaka, 10 June, 2020: A new report by the environmental health groups EcoWaste Coalition and International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) finds spray paints with dangerous lead concentrations on sale in the Philippines in violation of the country’s law banning lead in paints. The report “Lead in Spray Paints for Consumer Use in the Philippines” provides the […]

From COVID-19 to Lead Poisoning, Health Crises Expose Racist Policies and Practices

GettyImages-492805660 32 version

Dhaka, 22 June, 2020: The manner in which the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare racist and systemic inequalities in the United States has parallels in other environmental health threats, such as lead exposure, according to an essay written for the online magazine Toxic News by two researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In the essay, Abby Kinchy, a […]

Environmental Implications Of Lead-Acid And Lithium-Ion Batteries


Following recent articles I wrote on both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, I received significant correspondence about the environmental pros and cons of both types of battery. In this article I will use some of the feedback and references I received in an effort to compare and contrast some environmental impacts of these two types of battery. Because of the […]

Supreme Court Rejects Lead-Paint Maker Appeals in $400 Million Case


The U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals from Sherwin-Williams Co. and Conagra Brands Inc., leaving intact a ruling that requires them to pay more than $400 million for lead-paint remediation in California. The rebuff, issued without comment Monday, is a blow to business groups, which had called for high court review in the hope of derailing […]

Home repairs reduce lead exposure among pregnant women

A randomized clinical trial showed that changes to living spaces, including fixing and repainting walls that were covered in lead paint, as well as installing water filters and dusting, significantly reduced the amount of lead found within the homes of pregnant women. However, the interventions did not significantly improve neurobehavioral outcomes in their children. “This […]

Lead poisoning and health


Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in the Earth’s crust. Its widespread use has resulted in extensive environmental contamination, human exposure and significant public health problems in many parts of the world. Important sources of environmental contamination include mining, smelting, manufacturing and recycling activities, and, in some countries, the continued use of leaded […]


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