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We demand the Government enforce the ban on polythene bags

Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day. Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) in partnership with Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) met outside the National Press Club to form a human chain and ask the government to take action and enforce the ban on polythene bags in Bangladesh. The human chain was also an opportunity to […]

With Millions of Tons of Plastic in Oceans, More Scientists Studying Impact

Since most marine debris originates on land, that grim prognosis, say researchers at the University of Georgia, could spell disaster for the oceans, creating an environmental hazard often compared in scope with climate change. “We estimate we’re going to have millions of tons of plastic going into the ocean with, so far, unknown consequences,” says Jenna […]

Plastic shopping bags make a fine diesel fuel

The conversion produces significantly more energy than it requires and results in transportation fuels — diesel, for example — that can be blended with existing ultra-low-sulfur diesels and bio diesels. Other products, such as natural gas, naphtha (a solvent), gasoline, waxes and lubricating oils such as engine oil and hydraulic oil also can be obtained […]

History of the Polythene Campaign

demonstration against plastic bags

Polythene Campaign (Our Success) Under the guidance and direction of ESDO’s Secretary General, Hossain Shahriar, ESDO organised a nation-wide anti-polythene campaign in 1992, which involved the media and support by numerous organisations and public leaders. In 1999, the Ministry of Environment and Forest recognised the anti-polythene campaign as the most important national movement, while in […]

Calls for greater enforement of plastic bag ban

Banned plastic bag used at markets

Bangladesh is a world leader in banning the plastic bag, however recently a lack of enforcement has seen plastic bags re-appear at markets across Dhaka.  The need to eliminate plastic bags is well recognised in Bangladesh and there have been calls to increase enforcement of the current ban, see this article from the Daily Star: Polythene Pollution: Restrictions must […]

Bangladesh: world leader in banning the plastic bag

Bangladesh was the first country to ban plastic bags and over a decade later many developed countries are still struggling to emulate this success.  Although plastic bags make up only a small percentage of all litter, the impact of these bags is significant. Plastic bags are particularly noticeable components of the litter stream due to […]


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