Call to protect rivers from encroachment, pollution CAG Brand Audit: Who’s the biggest plastic polluter in the city? Wildlife in ‘catastrophic decline’ due to human destruction, scientists warn Bangladesh takes another step towards tackling global climate change Tips for managing mental health during COVID-19 The remarkable floating gardens of Bangladesh ESDO initiates ‘Zero Waste’ project on waste management কঠিন বর্জ্য হ্রাসে ‘জিরো ওয়েস্ট’ প্রকল্প ESDO launches zero waste project for a cleaner environment ESDO organized an Project Inception Workshop for the project “Building Zero Waste Community for a pollution free environment in Bangladesh”
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During COVID-19: Take Care of Your Teeth and Cavity

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Dhaka, 12 August, 2020: What should we do? -> Contact your dentist by phone or by other means, Floss your teeth regularly, Rinse your teeth daily with lukewarm water to keep them free of germs, Use fluoridated toothpaste, Brush your teeth at least twice a day (after breakfast in the morning and before going to […]

International Plastic Bag free Day-2020

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Dhaka, 3 July, 2020: International Plastic Bag Free Day 3rd July, 2020 Plastic pollution is extremely dangerous because it is leading to the transportation of invasive species, which can have a catastrophic influence on biodiversity. We are not immune from the impact either. Plastic particles in the ocean attract toxins, which in turn affects us, […]

Global Environmental Health Day 2020


Dhaka, 1 July, 2020: Global Environmental Health (GEH) Day addresses pressing environmental health problems and aims to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations around the world. With a view to reducing the risk of the negative impacts and to creating awareness among people about Environment Health, ESDO will continue observing the Global Environmental […]

World Oceans Day 2020

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Dhaka, 8 June, 2020: The pace at which people in the world by their mindless action pollute the oceans is alarming. Plastic waste, decreased water levels, impurities in water and others are causing huge damage to the oceans, and serious measures is need to take to conserve our oceans.. On World Oceans Day, let us all […]

ESDO urges everyone to stop #plasticpollution and to save Biodiversity


#ESDO urges everyone to stop #plasticpollution and to save #biodiversity and #ecology on #InternationalDayForBiologicalDiversity #InternationalBiodiversityDay #BiodiversityDay2020 #BiodiversityDay2020 #BiodiversityDay

Feed your children a diverse diet of green vegetables, colorful fruits, proteins and grains to fight COVID-19.

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Spreading of Novel Corona Virus through Single Use Plastic bags

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Spreading of Novel Corona Virus through Single Use Plastic bags…  Let's be Careful Let's be Safe…

Earth Day 2020: 50 Years of the Earth Day!

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Protect your children through following tips

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Stay Home, Stay Safe

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