Red Cross: Climate change bigger threat than Covid-19 The forest cycle একবার ব্যবহারযোগ্য প্লাস্টিক মানবস্বাস্থ্যের জন্য হুমকি Youth engagement in agriculture in Bangladesh We’ve talked enough about biodiversity. Let’s try to save it now Protecting biodiversity for the future Chemicals Lurking in Toys and Costumes are Harmful to Children. EPA Must Act Now. Fishermen need sustainable livelihoods and protection from climate change কীর্তনখোলায় পলিথিন-প্লাস্টিক ও অপচনশীল বর্জ্য, হুমকির মুখে পরিবেশ ও জীববৈচিত্র্য Sundarbans reopens to tourists after 7 months
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Dhaka’s messy medical waste handling puts public health in danger


Dhaka, 19 October, 2020: A scandalous disconnect between the government agencies to streamline and manage clinical waste is posing serious hazards to the public health and environment of Dhaka. But as the health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic has taken centre stage, the battle to dispose of infectious waste appears to have been sidelined […]

CAG Brand Audit: Who’s the biggest plastic polluter in the city?


Dhaka, 24 September, 2020: We’ve likely seen coloured garbage bins in malls, airports and so on. The bin colour indicates, of course, what kind of trash we should put where, based on whether it’s food waste or recyclable waste. Many a time, I have stood in front of these bins and wondered where to put the […]

ESDO initiates ‘Zero Waste’ project on waste management


Dhaka, 16 September, 2020: The Environment and Social Development Organisation (ESDO) has started work on a project to make Lalmatia Block B and C in Dhaka, a ward of Rangpur City and a village of Rangpur waste free initially. The initiative was made for proper waste management as most of the waste generated in Bangladesh […]

কঠিন বর্জ্য হ্রাসে ‘জিরো ওয়েস্ট’ প্রকল্প


ঢাকা, ১৪ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০২০: বাংলাদেশে শহরাঞ্চলে প্রতিদিন গড়ে প্রায় ২৫ হাজার টন কঠিন বর্জ্য উৎপন্ন হয়, যার মধ্যে বেশিরভাগ বর্জ্যই সংগ্রহ করা হয় না। ২০২৫ সাল নাগাদ দৈনিক এই বর্জ্যের পরিমাণ প্রায় ৪৭ টনে গিয়ে দাঁড়াবে বলে ধারণা করছে এনভায়রনমেন্ট অ্যান্ড সোশ্যাল ডেভেলপমেন্ট অর্গানাইজেশন (এসডো)। তাই বর্জ্য হ্রাস এবং দৈনন্দিন অভ্যাসের পরিবর্তন এনে যাতে সম্পদের […]

ESDO launches zero waste project for a cleaner environment


Dhaka, 14 September, 2020: The project aims to achieve its goal by establishing partnerships and links between the target communities, local government, and other relevant agencies The Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) has launched a project to turn three different localities into zero waste zones. The pilot project, “Building Zero Waste Communities for a […]

ESDO organized an Project Inception Workshop for the project “Building Zero Waste Community for a pollution free environment in Bangladesh”


Dhaka, 12 September, 2020: ESDO organized a project inception workshop entitled “Building Zero Waste Communities for a Pollution-Free Environment in Bangladesh” on 12th September 2020 with the relevant stakeholders along with the officials of the Government. Mr Md. Atiqul Islam, Respected Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation. Besides, Dr A.K.M. Rafique Ahammed, Director General, Department […]

BeyondPlastic Presents Awards to 13 Companies for Genius Plastic Alternative Innovations


Dhaka, 3rd August, 2020: Innovators are constantly coming up with exciting new alternatives to plastic packaging — so why not reward them for their efforts to curb plastic pollution? A group called BEYONDPLASTIC just announced the winners of the BEYONDPLASTIC Awards — and all of the winners listed have created some seriously innovative plastic alternative products and campaigns. BEYONDPLASTIC is an initiative […]

Plastic Free July in 2020


Dhaka, 3 July, 2020: Are you ready to take the Plastic Free July challenge? Hawkesbury City Council is proud to join in the international Plastic Free July event, and the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert is encouraging Hawkesbury community members to join in too. Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions […]

Plastic Free July – there are alternatives to single use packaging


Dhaka, 3 July, 2020: The world is marking Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3 alongside Plastic Free July awareness campaign which teaches us that in parallel with global efforts, each individual should learn to make small changes and choose to refuse single plastics we use every day. At the same time, it teaches us that […]

Indiscriminate waste dumping continues in Buriganga


Dhaka, 20 June, 2020: A floating waste island is developing at Baganbari point of the river From domestic to industrial, all kinds of waste are being dumped indiscriminately in the Buriganga River, polluting the river during the lockdown. A whole body of citizens, including industrialists, traders and government agencies are contributing to the contamination of the […]


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