‘Save our village forest’ প্লাস্টিক দূষণ: বছরে মারা যাচ্ছে প্রায় ১ মিলিয়ন সামুদ্রিক পাখি International Plastic Bag Free Day 3rd July, 2020 – A Webinar Arranged by ESDO Green activists for stopping use of plastic bags International Plastic Bag free Day-2020 Plastic Free July in 2020 Plastic Free July – there are alternatives to single use packaging City of sydney now runs on 100% renewable energy PPP to boost organic agriculture in Mahaweli Global Environmental Health Day 2020
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Plastic Free July in 2020


Dhaka, 3 July, 2020: Are you ready to take the Plastic Free July challenge? Hawkesbury City Council is proud to join in the international Plastic Free July event, and the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert is encouraging Hawkesbury community members to join in too. Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions […]

Plastic Free July – there are alternatives to single use packaging


Dhaka, 3 July, 2020: The world is marking Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3 alongside Plastic Free July awareness campaign which teaches us that in parallel with global efforts, each individual should learn to make small changes and choose to refuse single plastics we use every day. At the same time, it teaches us that […]

Indiscriminate waste dumping continues in Buriganga


Dhaka, 20 June, 2020: A floating waste island is developing at Baganbari point of the river From domestic to industrial, all kinds of waste are being dumped indiscriminately in the Buriganga River, polluting the river during the lockdown. A whole body of citizens, including industrialists, traders and government agencies are contributing to the contamination of the […]

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought – 2020


Dhaka, 17 June, 2020: Each year, on 17 June, the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is celebrated to encourage public understanding of international efforts to combat desertification. This year’s observance is focused on changing public attitudes to the leading driver of desertification and land degradation: humanity’s relentless production and consumption. The day provides an opportunity […]

Bangladesh capital awash with plastic-coated posters


Dhaka, 1 June, 2020: Dhaka is awash with millions of plastic-laminated campaign posters ahead of elections in the Bangladeshi capital, and environmentalists are up in arms. These posters — of which there are an estimated 304 million — will likely end up in sewers, rivers and canals, says activist Sharif Jamil. "If they are burnt, […]

DNCC & DSCC Election Posters waste gets 2500 Ton More Than Ten Thousand Tons of laminated plastic waste generated in Dhaka city yearly


Dhaka, 28 January, 2020: More than ten thousand ton of laminated plastic waste is generated from different sources in Dhaka every year, which causes health hazards and environmental havoc. ESDO has conducted a Study on “Thermal lamination films: An Incising Health Hazards and Environmental Havoc of Dhaka City”, which focused exclusively on laminated posters, leaflets, […]

Eighty percent of beach rubbish is plastic


Analysis by the Blue Islands project has found that 80% of rubbish on three beaches in Majorca is plastic and that the average on beaches on islands in the Mediterranean as a whole is 92%. These percentages relate to the 2019 study, for which the beaches of El Torà (Paguera), Es Caragol (Santanyi) and Sa Canova (Arta, […]

Substandard electronic products lead to sizable e-waste: Shahriar Hossain


Environment and Social Development Organization secretary general Shahriar Hossain said that for low-quality products in the market in Bangladesh was responsible for a sizable e-waste every year while the country had no mechanism of e-waste management. He said that the substandard products flooding the market also cheated the customers out of the prices they pay […]

Bangladesh High Court orders ban on single use plastic


DHAKA (Reuters) – Bangladesh’s High Court on Monday ordered the government to ban single-use plastics in coastal areas and in hotels and restaurants in one year to combat pollution. In 2002 the south Asian nation was among the first countries to ban the use of plastic and polythene bags in an effort to stop them […]

Colgate’s New Bamboo Toothbrush Is A Sign That Tides Are Changing

eco-friendly toothbrush, made from 100% biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo

Colgate has just unveiled their first ever eco-friendly toothbrush, made from 100% biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo. The company launched the product as a part of its mission to reduce overall plastic waste and improve its social impact. The move is reflective of a broad shift in the climate where companies across the board, including major brands, […]


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