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Coastal erosion threatens marine environment: CNS


Dhaka, April 21, 2020: Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi has warned that marine environment is threatened by coastal erosion and degradation of marine ecosystem.

Depleting mangroves not only affect coastal biodiversity but also the livelihood of our coastal communities. In a message on the occasion of Pakistan Navy mangroves plantation campaign 2020, he has impressed upon that it is imperative to forestall deforestation through well-conceived policies and integrated institutional measure for economic sustenance and growth.

The CNS reminded that the mangroves plantation campaign rekindles the importance being accorded to the noble national cause of developing “Green Coastal Belt” in line with the government of Pakistan initiative of ‘Clean and Green Pakistan.’ “Pakistan Navy has been undertaking Mangroves Plantation Campaigns for the last four years during which over six million mangroves have been planted along the Coastal Belt of Sindh and Balochistan with encouraging survival rate,” he said.

Admiral Abbasi reminded that the world is facing severe environmental challenges due to high deforestation rate. Similarly, Pakistan’s mangroves have also witnessed decline at a disquieting rate. The mangroves are known to be effective in fending-off adverse effects of coastal hazards spurred by the climate change. He said that Pakistan Navy realising the significance of preservation of marine environment has embarked on a major initiative to revive mangroves forests all along the coast.

Mangroves plantation campaigns also serve to raise awareness on the importance of mangroves protection and for curb the menace of deforestation through institutionalised measures. “On this occasion, let me reiterate Pakistan Navy’s commitment to play its role in preserving mangroves forests and the environment. I also take this opportunity to urge the government departments, industrial community and individuals to join hands in this undertaking for the benefit of our marine ecology and our coastal communities.

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