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Country diary: how the tawny owl finds its way in the dark

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Long after the lights in the village go on, I go off, striking out over the fields. The night sky here is full of Stansted’s shooting stars, planes winking their way up and over the horizon, chasing the dim afterglow of a fallen sun.

Down below, my near-invisible feet are pounding along. I’m in an outdoor gym with its own sound system – a beat that is marked by the cymbal swish of trouser leg against trouser leg, its pulse the clip of cuff on jacket, striking at the hip.

The flat ground on either side of the bare earth track is an oblong patchwork, fuzzy grey pasture alternating with deeper shades of ploughed soil. At one boundary between the two, my unseeing eye still imagines the silhouette of the barn owl that passed over four weeks and four twilight walks ago.

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