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New study shows snacking can positively impact children’s health

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SPRINGFIELD/EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — As every parent knows getting your child to eat right can be a challenge, but according to a new study, snacking can benefit their diet. We wanted to know if that’s true, that’s why Western Mass News spoke with local health official, Ariel Martinez and pediatrician, Dr. John Kelley to get the answers. "He's a big snacker! He loves to snack. That's is main thing," Martinez explained. Kids and snacking go hand in hand, but often parents worry snacking can harm their children's health. "My parents always told me don't eat snacks, you'll ruin your appetite! But i don't think a snack is a bad idea. I mean they are kids at the end of the day!" Martinez noted. A mindset that a recent study from the academy of nutrition and dietetics agrees with. Researchers looked at eating habits in families with children from 5 to 7 years old, and found that kids who were allowed to snack throughout the day were healthier overall. "So I think this study is a limited study but its a common sense type study. So when you offer your children snacks they are going to get more healthy food, verse just meals," Dr. Kelley said.

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