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Organic vegetable farming brings smiles to farmers of Gopalganj, Pirojpur

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With organic farming, farmers have been able to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Farmers in Gopalganj and Pirojpur districts are enjoying the cultivation of safe vegetables in the front and backyards of their homes throughout the year using only organic methods. Safe vegetables are healthy for the human body, and more flavorful as well.  That is why such vegetables have gained so much demand in the marketplace and are being sold at higher prices than vegetables cultivated using chemicals fertilizers and pesticides. With organic farming, farmers have not only been able to avoid chemicals and pesticides, but have also been protecting the environmental balance. Moreover, it is saving them the extra cost of fertilizers and pesticides. Yearlong vegetable farming has changed the living standards of the farmers of these regions, and is becoming more popular among them.

The Agricultural Research Institute said with the funding of the Bangladesh Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF), they have started the cultivation of safe vegetables in the lower wetland areas of Gopalganj and Pirojpur under a project to improve the living standards of farmers using innovative and research-based methods.     

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