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Massive Methane (CH4) in the air, Bangladesh is at the top of this greenhouse gas emission


Dhaka, 2 May, 2021: Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to environmental pollution and massive climate change.

The amount of methane emitted in this country’s air is so high that it is now becoming a significant cause of environmental degradation. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is about 80 percent more harmful than carbon dioxide in the first two decades.

The Paris-based statistics and research firm Keros SAS has identified 12 valid reasons for the highest methane emissions this year. Analyzing the data obtained through satellite, they said that all these 12 factors are active and emission more in Bangladesh.

“We have seen the most sustainable methane emissions ever,” said Stephanie Germain, president of GHGSat Inc. However, the source could not identify.

After reviewing data from the European Space Agency in May, Bluefield Technologies Inc. saw many methane clouds in the Florida skies in May this year. Besides, they have been able to detect the concentration of methane in the atmosphere of Bangladesh.

“Our analysis shows that Bangladesh is one of the major methane emitters in the world,” said Yotam Ariel, the company’s founder. This cane clearly and easily detects on a satellite. “

Where and how is methane gas being emitted so much? Scientists have just begun to identify that source. Scientists have the initial idea that these observations from space may vary from season to season. This is because of the difference in cloud cover, rainfall, and light intensity.

Gases emitted from the ocean can be complex for satellites to detect. These gases spread to higher latitudes.

Russia’s polar regions have large reserves of oil and gas. This results in limited information, based on which the world’s overall situation cannot explain. The level of methane gas emissions from Bangladesh has attracted attention. Its low altitude and high population density have put the country at risk due to extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels.

Bangladesh is currently the Chairperson of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF). There are 120 crore people in 48 member countries of this forum. They say Bangladesh is at the highest risk of climate change.

Mr. Shahabuddin, Minister, Environment and Climate Change, said, “We are aware of these issues. The most significant part of methane is coming from paddy fields. When farmers irrigate their land, the bacteria in the soil emit large amounts of gas. Another source of this gas is mineral gas. Land sliding and riverbank erosions also cause to emit Meathen to the atmosphere.

“We are working to alleviate the problem,” he said. Livestock, oil and gas leaks, land-based gas, and coal mines are human-made activities that emit methane gas.” The Environmental Defense Fund blames human-made methane emissions for at least a quarter of global warming.

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