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BDS & ESDO in association with Asian Center for Environmental Health organized a workshop on “Mercury Free Dentistry: Way Forward”

Dentists, dental professionals, Government representatives and environmental leaders urged  the Government for phasing out mercury from dentistry sector by 2018. Yesterday  at a workshop, they demanded to take immediate step regarding this issue. Bangladesh Dental Society(BDS) and Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO in association with Asian Center for Environmental Health  organized this workshop entitled, "Mercury […]

On the climate change frontline: the disappearing fishing villages of Bangladesh

Kutubdia’s islanders don’t have much of a carbon footprint – most don’t have regular electricity. But they are facing the reality of a changing climate, and soon tens of millions of their fellow Bangladeshis will be at risk. Rising seas sweep away land and livelihoods in Bangladesh – in pictures by Karen McVeigh in Kutubdia, […]

How warming seas are forcing fish to seek new waters

Scottish fishermen have uncovered an intriguing way to supplement their income: they have added squid to the menu of marine creatures they regularly pull from the sea. A species normally associated with the warmth of the Mediterranean, rather than the freezing north, may seem an odd addition to their usual catches of cod and haddock. […]

Save Dhaleshwari, Turag rivers from pollution Demands Nodi Bachao Andolan

With a demand for a stop to pollution and grabbing of the Turag, Bongshi, Dhaleshwari and Kaliganga rivers and Kornotoli Khal, environmentalists formed a human chain at different spots in Savar outside the capital yesterday. The human chain was organized by Bangladesh Nodi Bachao Andolan (Save the River Movement, Bangladesh). At the human chains, the […]

Alternative bricks: A boon for agriculture

Bricks made of clay-rich soil have built civilizations but the consequences were pollution and loss of topsoil. A state-backed research body in Bangladesh has developed alternative brick-making techniques without using the topsoil of arable lands. This is perfectly in line with a law that discourages the use of topsoil for making bricks. Read the first […]

6 Rivers Around Dhaka: Water turning untreatable?

Water quality of six major rivers flowing around Dhaka gets polluted, particularly in the dry season, to the extent that it cannot be treated for drinking, experts say. However, the quality slightly improves during the monsoon, they observe. None of the rivers was found to have “blue” category water suitable for drinking after disinfection as […]

WB-funded study finds water of Dhaka rivers unusable

Pollution is so severe in the Buriganga, Shitalakkhya, Dhaleshwari, Turag Bongshi and Balu rivers that it is almost impossible to treat the water and make it suitable for humans, the study says. A study conducted by Wasa claims that the water quality of six rivers around Dhaka has been polluted to the extent that they […]

Are plastic roads cost-effective for Bangladesh?

Experts have claimed that plastic roads would be more durable than conventional bitumen roads, but would they be cost-effective?Generally, the cost would vary depending on the process that would be used to construct the plastic roads. Shamsul Hoque, professor of at the department of civil engineering in Buet, said: “There are mainly two methods to […]

Hasina seeks comprehensive global efforts for water management

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Budapest Water Summit 2016, the prime minister laid out a seven-point agenda to help attain the goals adopted by UN High-Level Panel on Water. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday sought comprehensive global efforts for water management and urged world leaders to prioritise water issues in their policies and […]

Traffic banned on Lawachhara road

The Forest Department has banned night runs on the Srimangal-Bhanugach Road in Lawachhara National Park. A letter from the Sylhet Divisional Forest office was issued to the Roads and Highways Department on November 10, asking Lawachhara authorities not to permit vehicles to use the road at night. Sylhet Divisional Forest officer (DFO) Mihir Kumar Dey […]


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