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In pictures: Precautions against coronavirus


Central Police Hospital in Rajarbagh has installed a disinfection gate as a precaution against coronavirus. They have installed a 20000 litre tank, mixed with disinfectant, to spray people at the main gate before entering the hospital. Locally produced hand sanitizers and PPE are being sold in front of Mitford Hospital in Dhaka at a low […]

Before our rivers run dry


Dhaka, April 22, 2020: Bangladesh is a riverine country, and rivers are the lifeline of our economy and environment. They are crucial for the very existence of Bangladesh as a delta country. Unfortunately, many of the rivers in Bangladesh are in critical condition.  Around 450 rivers in the country face serious threats mainly due to […]

Dhaka ranks 6th worst

Dust pollution reaches an alarming stage in Dhaka and many deaths as well as several million cases of illness occur every year due to the poor air quality, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, April 21, 2020: Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka ranked sixth worst in the Air Quality Index Sunday morning. It had an AQI score of 145 at 8:30am. The air was classified as ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’. China’s Shenyang and Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh occupied the first and second spots in the list of cities with worst air […]

করোনা সন্দেহ বা আক্রান্ত হলে


যাঁদের করোনা হয়েছে নিশ্চিত বা যাঁদের হয়েছে বলে সন্দেহ, ঘরে কীভাবে তাঁদের খেয়াল রাখবেন পরিচর্যাকারী বা কেয়ার গিভাররা, সে বিষয়ে কিছু পরামর্শ থাকছে এখানে।  ● দেখতে হবে আক্রান্ত ব্যক্তি যাতে যথেষ্ট বিশ্রাম পান, পুষ্টিকর খাবার খান, প্রচুর পানি আর তরল পান করেন। একই ঘরে যখন সেবা কাজে, তখন মেডিকেল মাস্ক পরবেন দুজনে। হাত দিয়ে মাস্ক […]

Raising awareness in rural Bangladesh


How can awareness campaigns reach our most vulnerable communities? Selling the concept of social distancing to the urban Bangladeshi is difficult, to say the least — this is not simply based on the citizens’ reluctance to stay home, but rather the financial inability of most to do so. But for rural Bangladeshi citizens, not working […]

Sabrang Park likely to be ready by this year


Sabrang Tourism Park, the country's first tourism-based special economic zone (SEZ), is expected to start welcoming visitors within this year, as construction of its key facilities is going on in full swing, officials said. "Construction of protection embankment, boundary wall and administration building in the SEZ is now at the final stage," Executive Chairman of […]

Dhaka’s air quality improves but still ‘unhealthy’

1304598_New Project (14)

Although the air of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka marked a significant improvement on Wednesday morning, it was still classified as ‘unhealthy’ in the Air Quality Index (AQI).   Dhaka had an AQI score of 135 at 10:17am. It stood 20th in the list of cities with worst air. Pakistan’s Lahore and India’s Mumbai occupied the first […]

Bangladesh announces recovery of 2 of its first 3 cases


No new coronavirus infection was found in Bangladesh following the detection of the first cases five days ago and the recovery of two of the three infected patients, said the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research on Wednesday. Still the IEDCR advised government to dedicate hospitals that were newly built  but awaited operation for […]

Fight for clean air continues


Dhaka ranked worst in air quality on Wednesday Dhaka has ranked first in the list of cities across the world with the worst air quality. According to AirVisual, Dhaka showed an average air quality index (AQI) score of 189 at 8:51pm on Wednesday. The air quality was classified as "unhealthy" at the time. Residential areas […]

Air quality: Dhaka ranks worst once again

Dust pollution reaches an alarming stage in Dhaka and many deaths as well as several million cases of illness occur every year due to the poor air quality, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The air quality has been classified as unhealthy Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, has ranked the worst again on the world Air Quality Index (AQI) — as its extreme air pollution makes it one of the most polluted cities. On the real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) rankings, Dhaka scored 180 at 12:07pm on Saturday, according to AirVisual, […]


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