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WB-funded study finds water of Dhaka rivers unusable

Pollution is so severe in the Buriganga, Shitalakkhya, Dhaleshwari, Turag Bongshi and Balu rivers that it is almost impossible to treat the water and make it suitable for humans, the study says. A study conducted by Wasa claims that the water quality of six rivers around Dhaka has been polluted to the extent that they […]

Are plastic roads cost-effective for Bangladesh?

Experts have claimed that plastic roads would be more durable than conventional bitumen roads, but would they be cost-effective?Generally, the cost would vary depending on the process that would be used to construct the plastic roads. Shamsul Hoque, professor of at the department of civil engineering in Buet, said: “There are mainly two methods to […]

Hasina seeks comprehensive global efforts for water management

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Budapest Water Summit 2016, the prime minister laid out a seven-point agenda to help attain the goals adopted by UN High-Level Panel on Water. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday sought comprehensive global efforts for water management and urged world leaders to prioritise water issues in their policies and […]

Traffic banned on Lawachhara road

The Forest Department has banned night runs on the Srimangal-Bhanugach Road in Lawachhara National Park. A letter from the Sylhet Divisional Forest office was issued to the Roads and Highways Department on November 10, asking Lawachhara authorities not to permit vehicles to use the road at night. Sylhet Divisional Forest officer (DFO) Mihir Kumar Dey […]

Oil taking on green sheen

The companies that drill black gold are going a little bit green: taking stakes in renewable energies that are growing rapidly, enabling oil firms to diversify revenue and show commitment to fighting climate change. In the past, such swings have been written off by environmental campaigners as greenwash, and just as likely to be reversed […]

Sundarban doesn’t belong to Bangladesh It belongs to the planet and its peoples

I too have thought of posting a profile picture on Facebook, of me saluting the Bangladesh cricket team on its splendid Test match victory over England. But, I surmised that my salute has to stand for something more substantial. When can I put a picture saluting the victories over oppressions against minorities – the Chittagong […]

Trade of contaminated water puts public health at risk

Without purifying, water in plastic jars are being sold to different offices, commercial organisations, hotels and even households in Kushtia town, putting public health at risks. Several water supply companies have been doing the business for long in the town without taking any permission from health department or Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI), reports […]

Demarcation of Dhaka Rivers: 2,000 pillars misplaced

A third of the 6,000 demarcation pillars on the Buriganga and the Turag were installed inside the rivers and they would be reinstalled in their correct positions after a district administration survey. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), custodian of the country's inland waterways, had the pillars installed in the wrong places over the past […]

Indigenous Aush varieties now top priority

The indigenous varieties of rain-fed Aush paddy are likely to lead the country’s future rice production, instead of the irrigation-reliant Boro, since it may work as a natural remedy to check the drastic depletion of groundwater table in drought-prone areas. Even though per hectare Aush production is slightly below than that of Boro, a number […]

Irrigation cost soars in northern districts

The drought-like situation has seriously jeopardised Aman production this season. Farmers in 16 northern districts are being compelled to count a lofty amount as irrigation charges this year due to acute drought in the area. The drought-like situation has seriously jeopardised Aman production this season, they said. Compiling the amount of money that the farmers […]


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