646 tonnes of plastic waste produced in Dhaka every day Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know Time for governments to take biodiversity loss as seriously as climate change Winter Park city leaders to vote on rule to ban single-use plastic How Can ‘Aquaponics’ Farming Help Create Sustainable Food Systems? More sleep or more exercise: the best time trade-offs for children’s health Rare white tiger born at Cuba’s Havana zoo Malaysia permits import of US plastic waste shipment after it passes new UN treaty test The Nijhum Dwip – the Second Largest Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh Massive Methane (CH4) in the air, Bangladesh is at the top of this greenhouse gas emission
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646 tonnes of plastic waste produced in Dhaka every day

Dhaka, 6 May, 2021: Dhaka city produces 646 tonnes of plastic waste every single day, which is 468 tonnes more than 15 years back in the capital, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh and Bhutan Mercy Tembon said at a programme yesterday. "In Dhaka city alone, plastic waste has gone up from 178 tonnes per day […]

Winter Park city leaders to vote on rule to ban single-use plastic


Dhaka, 5 May, 2021: Winter Park is days away from making an official new rule banning single-use plastic. WESH 2 News looked into how the rule will work and how it will impact residents. Beginning next week, single-use plastics are officially going to be banned from all city-owned buildings and city-sponsored events in Winter Park. "We're […]

Malaysia permits import of US plastic waste shipment after it passes new UN treaty test


Dhaka, 3 May, 2021: Malaysia has allowed entry of a container of plastic waste shipped from the United States, reversing previous opposition after finding it held only clean, recyclable material, and did not violate a new United Nations treaty banning trade in contaminated plastics. Signatories to the Basel Convention, which came into force on January 1, […]

The plastic pandemic: Single-use plastics pile up as Covid-19 delays ban


Dhaka, 26 April, 2021: People in Bangladesh throw away around 87,000 tons of single-use plastic items every year As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many Dhaka restaurants to suspend their dine-in options, Nabila Khandakar now has to rely on ordering foods via delivery apps. With every single order, she receives a bunch of takeaway food containers […]

‘Single-use plastics’ to be phased out in Australia from 2025 include plastic utensils and straws


Dhaka, 25 April, 2021: Plastic cutlery and straws are among the types of single-use plastics to be phased out in Australia from 2025 under a plan to reduce plastic waste. A national meeting of environment ministers on Thursday confirmed the phase-out would cover eight types of “problematic and unnecessary” plastic waste: lightweight plastic bags; plastic misleadingly […]

How to stop discarded face masks from polluting the planet


Dhaka,15 April, 2021: Personal protective equipment is made of plastic and isn't recyclable. Now it’s being found everywhere on earth, including the oceans. The solution isn’t complicated: Throw them away. You’re out for your daily walk. You see a face mask on the ground. Few want to touch what has shielded someone’s potentially virus-laden breath. So […]

How plastics contribute to climate change


Dhaka,15 April, 2021: In 2015, Texas A&M graduate student Christine Figgener recorded a video of her colleagues removing a straw lodged in a turtle’s nostril. The video went viral, inspiring people to take action. Since then, “skip the straw, save a turtle” has become a slogan for people determined to decrease their plastics use. But critics say […]

‘Covid-19 medical waste disposal neglected’


Dhaka, 12 April, 2021: Around 93.4% of the Covid-19 related medical waste is not managed properly, says a recent study Although a year has passed since the pandemic unfolded in Bangladesh, the management of highly hazardous Covid-19 waste has not improved as the authorities remain reluctant to develop an effective mechanism. Experts warn that the amount […]

Urgent need for plastic waste management policy and EPR


Dhaka, 12 April, 2021: Plastic is one of the indispensable commodity  in our today's life and its usage has gradually been increasing.  The range of plastic products are also varying in nature from kitchen to office. About 5000 companies, mostly small, are producing different types of plastic products meeting  local demand and also contributing to […]

Mercadona Eliminates Single-Use Plastic Products


Dhaka, 28 March, 2021: MERCADONA eliminates single-use disposable plastic products As part of its 6.25 Strategy to reduce the use of plastic by 25 per cent by 2025, supermarket Mercadona has eliminated all single-use disposable plastic products from its stores and replaced them with more sustainable materials. Through this initiative, the company will invest some […]


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