Experts urged to ratify Minamata Convention to phase out mercury-added products পারদযুক্ত পণ্যের ব্যবহার বন্ধে মিনামাতা কনভেনশন অনুমোদনের আহ্বান সেন্টমার্টিন সৈকতে প্লাস্টিকের আগ্রাসন 72 birds die eating pesticide-treated masakalai Educate girls to save the planet শিশুর সর্দি-কাশি সারানোর ঘরোয়া উপায় 50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12 24 thousand under 5 children die of pneumonia in Bangladesh annually গ্রিনহাউস গ্যাস কমানোর লক্ষ্যে নানা উদ্যোগ Maldives: Eco-friendly product export destination for Bangladesh
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Govt mulling mechanization to boost jute production

Dhaka, 18 October, 2021: Govt aims to bring in jute fibre threshing machines by April next year. The prospect of mechanization is giving new hope to the country’s jute industry, experts have said. The USAID-funded Future Bangladesh Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia- mechanization Extension Activity (CSISA-MEA) has been working in Bogra, Jessore, Faridpur and […]

Tale of ‘Tuiya’: Water pots made from bottle gourd

Dhaka, 10 October, 2021: The pots are not only environmentally friendly but also keep the water cool.  During a recent hike in the Chimbuk hill of Bandarban, a group of Jhumia (Jhum farmers) were spotted working on a Jhum (shifting cultivation) land. The farmers had some rather fascinating pots with them and every once in […]

Biodiversity, livelihood under threat at Tanguar Haor

Dhaka, 7 October, 2021: Around 500 hectares of land have become unfit for cultivation in the upazila after being buried under sand and gravel due to landslides in the upper catchment areas  The Tanguar haor (wetland ecosystem) in Sunamganj continues to suffer a catastrophic loss of livelihoods and biodiversity, threatening not just the extinction of […]

পরিবেশের জন্য ক্ষতিকর এমন কাজ কোন ভাবেই মেনে নেয়া যাবেনা

ঢাকা, ২৮ আগস্ট,২০২১: জনগণকে একটি দূষণমুক্ত ও বাসযোগ্য পরিবেশ উপহার দিতে প্রধানমন্ত্রীর সুনির্দিষ্ট নির্দেশনাসহ দেশের পরিবেশ উন্নয়নে প্রয়োজনীয় সব কার্যক্রম বাস্তবায়ন করা হবে বলে জানিয়েছেন পরিবেশ, বন ও জলবায়ু পরিবর্তন মন্ত্রী মো. শাহাব উদ্দিন। তিনি বলেছেন, পরিবেশকে দূষিত করে এবং জলবায়ু পরিবর্তনকে ত্বরান্বিত করে এমন কাজ কাউকেই করতে দেওয়া হবে না। বৃহস্পতিবার (২৬ আগস্ট) অনলাইনে […]

A strong social contract for indigenous peoples

Dhaka, 19 August, 2021: This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our great independence. As a sovereign nation, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in economic growth, poverty reduction, life expectancy, the human development index, and many other social development indicators in the recent past. By keeping this momentum continuing, Bangladesh is also advancing […]

How Bangladesh can get richer and save the environment by growing seaweed

Dhaka, 8 July, 2021:  Commercial seaweed cultivation can provide income for smallholder farmers and help save the environment in Bangladesh Bangladesh’s extensive coastline is a source of many marine resources, providing livelihood for millions of people. But it is still underused. One of its untapped potentials is seaweed cultivation. Experts say that taking advantage of […]

Healthy environments for healthy children

Dhaka, 7 July, 2021: A child born today has a much better chance of reaching her fifth birthday than ever before. But climate change and environmental degradation threaten to reverse progress on child and adolescent survival, health and well-being. Children worldwide face a host of environmental hazards, like polluted air, water and food; exposure to toxic […]

GHANA: AEHPMP to reduce mercury pollution and e-waste

Dhaka, 26 June, 2021: In Ghana, mercury pollution and e-waste are increasing, impacting the environment and the health of the population. The Ghanaian government has launched the African Environmental Health and Pollution Management Programme (AEHPMP) in the Western, Ashanti and Greater Accra regions to mitigate this phenomenon. The AEHPMP is funded by the World Bank […]

Nature Quest: Wildlife faces food crisis

Dhaka, 3 June, 2021: The Madhupur National Park was once a large and dense forest, home to many wild animals, including tigers and bears. There are no tigers or bears there anymore. But these animals are not the only species that disappeared. Wild fruits and herbal trees are disappearing fast from the forest, causing an […]

A brief overview of sustainable livelihoods approaches

Dhaka, 2 June, 2021: INTRODUCTION It is very difficult in the time allotted to give an overview on all of the work that has taken place on sustainable livelihood approaches over the past several years. I will try to highlight some of the key issues and trends that I see are taking place as the […]


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