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Bangladesh and water: A complicated relationship


Dhaka, 21 July, 2020: Did you ever consider that water management may not always improve livelihoods? For a long time, we thought better water management will indeed make a better country of Bangladesh. And maybe you are thinking the same. And of course, it is true up to a certain level. But we sometimes seem to […]

OP-ED: Challenges in the haor regions

Flood In Bangladesh

Dhaka, 7 July, 2020: How economic inequality acts as a barrier against climate change adaptation Bangladesh experiences severe exposure to certain risks because of its geo-morphological, demographic, and socio-economic temperament. Agriculture in the haor and char region is also remarkably affected by climatic hazards. It has a tremendous negative effect on water security and food […]

Shifting cultivation: more than a means of livelihood


Dhaka, 30 June, 2020:  Despite state discouragement, indigenous communities in northeast India persist in practicing shifting cultivation, an agricultural system used over centuries. A new study published in the journal Forest Policy and Economics examined this attachment, revealing various factors behind their motivation to continue. They found that shifting cultivation (SC) is not only a means […]

Experts urge innovation to fight desertification, drought to protect livelihood, ecosystems


Dhaka, 20 June, 2020: Dr AKM Rafique Ahammed, Director General of Department of Environment on Thursday said Bangladesh has been facing many challenges in terms of land degradation in the country. “The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is working in formulating policies to address this issue. The government will work on the issues that […]

Fire at oil well after gas leak threatens life, livelihood and biodiversity in Assam


Dhaka, 13 June, 2020:  On May 27, a sudden and uncontrolled release of gas occurred from an oil well near Baghjan village in Assam. The situation took a turn on June 9 when the well caught fire. With the site of the well just less than a kilometre from the Dibru Saikhowa National Park and […]

World Environment Day: “We Care Nature: Keep Biodiversity”

environment day _eng

4th June, 2020, Dhaka: 5th June, World Environment Day 2020, “Celebrate Biodiversity”. Due to covid-19 epidemic the celebration is happening digitally and all the activities are taken place within limit all over the world. This year millions of people in more than 100 countries are celebrating World Environment Day in online platforms. Environment and Social […]

Bamboo bike, ‘a vehicle for sustainable livelihood’


Dhaka, 12 May, 2020: Bicycle has become a popular means of transportation these days by students, office employees or workers. Among the bicycles that catches the people’s attention is the bamboo bike. Filipino-American Bryan McClelland’s company, Bamb Ecological Technology Inc., made the bamboo bicycle, or Bambike, its “flagship product because, literally and figuratively, it served […]

The world’s biggest ecosystem restoration project


Dhaka, April 29, 2020: “Any threat to our environment is a threat to our health, our society, our ecosystems, our economy, our security, our well-being and our very survival,” says a ministerial declaration of the United Nations Environment Assembly. In the post COVID-19 era, restoring degraded drylands across vast swathes of Africa could make a major […]

Coastal erosion threatens marine environment: CNS


Dhaka, April 21, 2020: Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi has warned that marine environment is threatened by coastal erosion and degradation of marine ecosystem. Depleting mangroves not only affect coastal biodiversity but also the livelihood of our coastal communities. In a message on the occasion of Pakistan Navy mangroves plantation […]

Why saving the Sundarbans is so urgent


The severe cyclonic storm Bulbul originated from the Bay of Bengal advancing with a speed of 140 kph and started dwindling when the mouth of the storm crossed the Sundarbans and hit the mangrove forest at a speed of 70-80 km per hour. It's been over 10 years since cyclone Aila ravaged the Sundarbans in […]


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