Ten more elephants poisoned by poachers in Zimbabwe Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions Ratty returns: hundreds of water voles released in UK’s biggest reintroduction Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters Plastic polluted Arctic islands are dumping ground for Gulf Stream Plastic polluted Arctic islands are dumping ground for Gulf Stream EU moves to restrict hormone-disrupting chemical found in plastics ‘Plankton explosion’ turns Istanbul’s Bosphorus turquoise Climate change study in Canada’s Hudson Bay thwarted by climate change Global demand for coal falls in 2016 for second year in a row
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Bizarre bivalve: first living giant shipworm discovered in Philippines

Mud-dwelling organism that lives head down in a tusklike tube found alive for first time, although its existence had been known of for centuries About three feet long and glistening black with a pink, fleshy appendage, it looks like the entrails of an alien from a bad horror film. In fact, it is a giant […]

Illegal wildlife trade threatens species at Unesco sites, says WWF

Conservation charity warns that almost half of world heritage sites designated for importance to nature are at risk. Almost half of the Unesco world heritage sites designated for their importance to nature are threatened by the illegal wildlife trade, a WWF report has said. Poaching, illegal logging and fishing, and the trafficking of rare species […]

Tumps of tunnelling moles reveal the past

The Trundle, West Sussex Ramparts’ busy archaeologists send forth iron age pottery, shells and bones as they excavate. As we walked the perimeter of the ramparts, we noticed that the cropped turf-covered contours below were heavily tracked with molehills. We came across an area of fresh tumps, the newly excavated soil still damp and dark […]

UK butterflies worst hit in 2016 with 70% of species in decline, study finds

Mild winter, cold spring and late summer lead to fall in numbers as 40 of 57 species struggle to cope with fluctuating weather. Butterflies in the UK have suffered one of their worst years on record, with 70% of all species experiencing a decline in numbers over the past year, according to conservationists. The annual UK butterfly […]

21st-century fox: how nature’s favourite outsider seduced the suburbs

Not so long ago, they were the pests that made a mess on the lawn. But now they have crept into our homes – their images on mugs, cushions and tea towels – into TV adverts, fashion and literature. British cities are full of foxes. Within a mile of my home in east London, there […]

Now the swallows are here, the year throws off its cloak

The arrival of the first swallows is cause for celebration, but we should also think of others making the perilous journey to reach us. Last Wednesday, early evening, the Kent-Sussex border north of Rye. I was driving home under an immoderate sky, the hawthorn around me frothy with blossom, when I saw them. Coming up […]

Saved: the endangered species back from the brink of extinction

Human activity has put wildlife around the world at risk, but many creatures are now thriving thanks to conservationists. The saiga antelope makes a strange pin-up for the conservation world. With its odd bulbous nose and spindly legs, it is an unlovely looking creature – particularly when compared with wildlife favourites such as the polar […]

Scientists sniff out way to lure reef-killing crown-of-thorns starfish to their death

Researchers trying to protect the Great Barrier Reef fabricate environmentally safe bait by harnessing the pheromones the marine pests use to communicate. Marine biologists may have devised a new way to protect the Great Barrier Reef after decoding the pheromones of the coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish. Researchers say the discovery can be used to create pheromone […]

Climate change impacting ‘most’ species on Earth, even down to their genomes

Three recent studies point to just how broad, bizarre, and potentially devastating climate change is to life on Earth. And we’ve only seen one degree Celsius of warming so far. Climate change is rapidly becoming a crisis that defies hyperbole. For all the sound and fury of climate change denialists, self-deluding politicians and a very […]

Indonesia’s ‘selfie monkey’ threatened by hunger for its meat

The crested black macaque shot to fame when one of the monkeys snapped grinning selfies and became embroiled in a US court battle — but the tussle over copyright is the least of the rare animal's worries. In a remote corner of their native Indonesia, amid smoking volcanoes and dense jungles, the monkeys face a […]


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