Experts urged to ratify Minamata Convention to phase out mercury-added products পারদযুক্ত পণ্যের ব্যবহার বন্ধে মিনামাতা কনভেনশন অনুমোদনের আহ্বান সেন্টমার্টিন সৈকতে প্লাস্টিকের আগ্রাসন 72 birds die eating pesticide-treated masakalai Educate girls to save the planet শিশুর সর্দি-কাশি সারানোর ঘরোয়া উপায় 50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12 24 thousand under 5 children die of pneumonia in Bangladesh annually গ্রিনহাউস গ্যাস কমানোর লক্ষ্যে নানা উদ্যোগ Maldives: Eco-friendly product export destination for Bangladesh
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Metal fillings ‘leak mercury after scan’

Dhaka, 24 August, 2021: Metal dental fillings leak mercury if they are exposed to a new powerful type of medical scan, scientists have found. They studied the effect of ultra-high-strength MRI – the latest in scanning technology being introduced to several research hospitals in the UK. The study, in the journal Radiology, shows 20 minutes' exposure is […]

Plastic pollution to weigh 1.3 billion tonnes by 2040

Dhaka, 23 August, 2021: An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of plastic is destined for our environment – both on land and in the ocean – by 2040, unless worldwide action is taken. That's according to a global model of the scale of the plastic problem over the next 20 years. Dr Costas Velis from the University […]

অভিনব উদ্যোগের মাধ্যমে নদীর তীরের দূষণ মোকাবিলা করতে কিশোরদের উদ্যোগ

ঢাকা, ১৬ আগস্ট, ২০২১: খুব সামান্য হলেও যেখানে-সেখানে জঞ্জাল ফেলার অভ্যাস বৃহত্তর দূষণের জন্য দায়ী৷ শিশুরাও এসব দেখে ভুল শিক্ষা পায়৷ জার্মানি ও ফ্রান্সে অভিনব উদ্যোগের মাধ্যমে নদীর বর্জ্য চিহ্বিত ও দূর করার চেষ্টা চলছে৷ প্রথমে মনোরম মনে হলেও জার্মানির পশ্চিমাঞ্চলে রুয়র এলাকার একটি জায়গা খুঁটিয়ে দেখলে মোটেই তেমন সুন্দর লাগবে না৷ কেভিন, নোয়েল ও […]

Plastics pile up amid food delivery boom

Dhaka, 9 August, 2021: Food delivery apps such as Baemin and Coupang Eats have brought us great comfort in this pandemic, as months of social distancing and restrictions on business hours left us with little choice. But as the market nearly doubled to 17.38 trillion won ($15.22 million) in South Korea last year, with 27 million […]

How to be part of the solution to plastic pollution

Dhaka, 27 July, 2021: Plastic pollution is one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, with around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced globally every year. Single-use plastic, which was once considered to be a valuable product with many uses, is now causing severe problems for the environment, with around eight million tonnes of plastic ending up […]

What role should organics play in sustainable food systems?

Dhaka, 27 July, 2021: When it comes to nourishing ourselves and the future generations that will inhabit our planet, there’s little room to doubt that on a global scale we’re ‘biting the hand that feeds us.’ Eighty percent of global deforestation and 11 percent of anthropogenic carbon emissions come from agriculture, and conventional farming practices are leading causes of water pollution, biodiversity […]

Ideas for Taking Plastic Free July Beyond Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Dhaka, 14 July, 2021: During the seventh month of every year, climate warriors, aspiring environmentalists, and everybody in between are invited to observe Plastic Free July — an annual month-long campaign for individuals to reduce their single-use plastic use. And while Plastic Free July is a fantastic initiative that inspires many people to begin their zero-waste journeys, it’s important […]

Tourism, economy and Sri Lankan leopards

Dhaka, 13 July, 2021: Ecotourism, usually a form of nature-based tourism, is often known to be one of the fastest developing segments of the tourism market globally. In the last couple of decades, the authorities have begun to view ecotourism as a kind of economic key for supporting nature conservation although in general, this type […]

Landfills in Hanoi have become overloaded as progress on waste treatment projects continues slowly

Dhaka, 12 July, 2021: Hanoi authorities have been warned that more public gatherings will be seen until the problems with Nam Son landfill can be settled. Under the solid waste management plan by 2020, the Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex receives and treats 4,500 tons of domestic waste a day, while the Xuan Son Complex […]

The importance of biodiversity for our own safety

Dhaka, 7 July, 2021: Protecting biodiversity plays a crucial part in achieving the emissions reductions. The destruction of forest ecosystems is responsible for 11 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans, so conserving forests would stop the release of these gases into the atmosphere. Trees and plants also store carbon in their tissue, […]


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