Climate change and biodiversity loss must be tackled together: Report BIP: DoE’s negligence responsible for 70% ecosystem destruction New EPA Report: Dental Amalgam Fillings Are Largest User Of USA’s Elemental Mercury State Minister: 40% of Bangladesh’s power will come from renewables by 2041 উৎপাদনকারী ফেরত নেবে ই-বর্জ্য, ভোক্তা পাবেন প্রণোদনা Soaring e-waste affects the health of millions of children, WHO warns Saving children, families fighting to survive মরুকরণের ঝুঁকিতে বাংলাদেশ UAE’s Dubai cracks down on owners of illegal exotic wildlife NSW and WA in ‘race to the top’ to ban single-use plastics from next year
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Lawachhara Forest: Rare leopard cat crushed under wheels


Dhaka, 1 April, 2021: An endangered leopard cat was killed while crossing a road in Jonakichhara area of ​​Lawachhara forest in Moulvibazar's Kamalganj upazila yesterday. The leopard cat died after being crushed under the wheels of a speeding vehicle around 12:00 noon, said Motaleb Hossain, range officer of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Department in […]

Is poaching behind low tiger population in Bangladesh?

Bengal Tiger at Dhaka Zoo in Mirpur. Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka, March 16, 2021: Between 2000 and 2018, Bangladesh authorities found 44 tigers – almost half the current population – killed by poachers and rescued seven alive. The latest government reports from May put the number of tigers in Bangladesh at 114 – a paltry increase from 106 in 2015. In the same period of […]

World Wildlife Day 2021: These Indian NGOs are helping preserve forests, livelihoods


Dhaka, 9 March, 2021: Every year on March 3, World Wildlife Day is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) by the United Nations. The day aims to raise awareness on flora and fauna. According to CITES, it seeks to shed light on the links […]

World Wildlife Day 2021: History and significance, theme of the year


Dhaka, 3 March, 2021: World Wildlife Day is observed annually on March 3 to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's flora and fauna. The day is about raising awareness about wildlife and educating yourself and others about the diversity and importance of flora and fauna across the world. In other words, it's the celebration […]



Dhaka, March 1, 2021: It’s not easy to get out of the traffic of Dhaka, but once you do, the marshy, forested wilderness of Bangladesh is thick. Now, travelers today are unlikely to run across Bangladesh’s most famous animal, the mighty Bengal tiger, but hidden in the swamps and jungles, some very special animals are lurking. Despite […]

Sundarbans: Let’s save our best friend


Dhaka, 18 February, 2021: The Sundarbans plays a motherly role in protecting Bangladesh from natural disasters. The Sundarbans has become essential to our lives for a variety of reasons. The Sundarbans is the largest delta in the world and one of the longest saline wetlands and a very important ecosystem rich in biodiversity. Its area in […]

Shrinking habitat endangers Bangladesh’s wild elephants


Dhaka, 20 January, 2021: Asian wild elephants are under serious threat in southeast Bangladesh due to the construction of huge settlements on forest land and hills which has shrunk the mammals’ habitat and restricted their free movement. Uncontrolled grabbing of forest land and hills by local influential people is also ruining the biodiversity of the […]

Where did all the deer in Katka wildlife sanctuary go?


Dhaka, 7 January, 2020: Herds of spotted deer have flocked to the Kokilmoni Forest in the Sharonkhola Range of the Sundarbans during the eight-month ban on visitors amid the coronavirus pandemic. But the scene was quite different in the Katka wildlife sanctuary, which typically boasts a much larger deer population. Spotted deer are the second-biggest […]

Ctg zoo welcomes Sambar fawn


Dhaka, 20 December, 2020: On Tuesday morning, Chattogram Zoo welcomed a fifth member to its small, but tightly knit Sambar deer community, after a Sambar fawn was born. "The female Sambar fawn weighed 3kg at birth," said Shahadat Hossain Shuvo, a veterinary surgeon and curator of the zoo. The zoo now hosts four female and […]

We’ve talked enough about biodiversity. Let’s try to save it now


Dhaka, 23 November, 2020: We may blame Covid-19 for drawing our attention away from biodiversity conservation. But the truth is, for a long time, we have been talking about biodiversity a lot, rather than saving it. That is why the World Wildlife Fund International estimates that the earth's wildlife has gone down by almost 70 percent […]


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