Red Cross: Climate change bigger threat than Covid-19 The forest cycle একবার ব্যবহারযোগ্য প্লাস্টিক মানবস্বাস্থ্যের জন্য হুমকি Youth engagement in agriculture in Bangladesh We’ve talked enough about biodiversity. Let’s try to save it now Protecting biodiversity for the future Chemicals Lurking in Toys and Costumes are Harmful to Children. EPA Must Act Now. Fishermen need sustainable livelihoods and protection from climate change কীর্তনখোলায় পলিথিন-প্লাস্টিক ও অপচনশীল বর্জ্য, হুমকির মুখে পরিবেশ ও জীববৈচিত্র্য Sundarbans reopens to tourists after 7 months
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Clean water ponds boosts rare wetland plants, say experts


Dhaka, 18 June, 2020: Digging ponds in the countryside can deliver "unprecedented" gains for nature, experts have said. Freshwater Habitats Trust said 20 clean water ponds on farmland increased wetland plant species by 26%. A nine-year project found rare plants almost trebled, while species that had gone extinct in the area returned. The study tested […]

World Environment Day: “We Care Nature: Keep Biodiversity”

environment day _eng

4th June, 2020, Dhaka: 5th June, World Environment Day 2020, “Celebrate Biodiversity”. Due to covid-19 epidemic the celebration is happening digitally and all the activities are taken place within limit all over the world. This year millions of people in more than 100 countries are celebrating World Environment Day in online platforms. Environment and Social […]

How can we save our wetlands


Dhaka, 31 May, 2020: The pride of Bangladesh is its rivers, with one of the largest networks in the world and a total of about 700 rivers, including the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Delta. This gives the country a riverine nature which is reflected in the lifestyle, custom, economy, and history of the people of Bangladesh.  The country […]

Hakaluki Haor to be listed as ‘Ramsar site’


Dhaka, 2, May, 2020: Hakaluki Haor, the country's largest water body spreading over a vast area in Sylhet and neighbouring Moulvibazar district, is going to be listed as 'Ramsar site', the third in Bangladesh soon. The rich habitat of fish, birds as well as of different plants, part of Hakaluki has already been made a fish […]

Before our rivers run dry


Dhaka, April 22, 2020: Bangladesh is a riverine country, and rivers are the lifeline of our economy and environment. They are crucial for the very existence of Bangladesh as a delta country. Unfortunately, many of the rivers in Bangladesh are in critical condition.  Around 450 rivers in the country face serious threats mainly due to […]

Sewage, effluent pollute Dhaka rivers at 577 spots: study


Disposal of untreated industrial effluent and domestic sewage pollutes the four rivers flowing around the capital at 577 spots, reveals a study carried out by Riverine Bangladesh in January.  Spot visits by the study team in Dhaka, and parts of Narayanganj and Gazipur between November and January, found that 360 sewage connections and 217 canals […]

Eighty percent of beach rubbish is plastic


Analysis by the Blue Islands project has found that 80% of rubbish on three beaches in Majorca is plastic and that the average on beaches on islands in the Mediterranean as a whole is 92%. These percentages relate to the 2019 study, for which the beaches of El Torà (Paguera), Es Caragol (Santanyi) and Sa Canova (Arta, […]

Environmental campaigners see success of single-use plastic ban


Local government aims to reduce marine plastic by 70 percent over the next six months. Thousands have gathered in Bali as part of an annual cleanup of the island's beaches, the first since the popular tourist destination introduced a ban on single-use plastics. Local authorities aim to reduce the island's plastic consumption – but implementing […]

India’s Unique Water Purification Wetland Could Soon Become Extinct


KOLKATA, India, Jan 31 2020 (IPS) - Ramkumar Mondal’s farm is awash in a brilliant yellow mustard bloom. A flock of grey cranes peck for food amidst the shallow watergrass. But Mondal’s fishpond digs in there like a do-or-die last sentinel as nearby high-rise buildings, a symbol of development and encroachment, menacingly tower over the fishpond, […]

Egan: After $700,000 spent on dream home, wetlands freeze leaves them high and dry


In 2017, they built their dream home, on a seemingly ideal country lot — 3.6 acres ringed by trees, with a pond and wetland at the rear, where the deer and the waterfowl played. They moved into the 2,000 sq.-ft. home on the outskirts of Carp, off Richardson Side Road, on Aug. 31 that year. […]


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