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Easy exercises for kids to do at home during the lockdown


Dhaka, 7 August, 2020: Due to the coronavirus scare, kids are cooped up in their houses. Schools are closed, online classes are being conducted, and there is only so much they can do in the confines of their home. Given the circumstances, your kid might get lazy. However, inactivity can take a toll on their health. According to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), kids between the ages of 6 and 17 should be getting at least an hour of exercise every day. 

Physical activity in children is important for a wide variety of reasons. So, your kids must get up and get moving to keep their overall health in check. According to the CDC, regular physical activity can help children build strong bones, keep their weight in check, and keep health diseases at bay. Since it is unsafe to take your child out for exercising, try to incorporate some exercises in their daily routine that thet can easily do at home. 

Here are six exercises your kid can do at home. 


A simple and easy exercise your kids can do to enhance physical fitness and improve stability. It helps your kid work on the whole body and is a great brain booster. Choose the right rope that’s not too short or too long. It should reach nearly the shoulders of your kid when folded in half.

Forward Lunges 

Lunges will help improve balance and strengthen the legs. All they need to do is step forward with one leg and lower their hips until both knees are bent at about 90-degree angles. Make sure they are keeping the weight in the heels, and their back is straight while performing this exercise. 


If you have ever done this exercise before, you would know how well it works the core and strengthens it. Similarly, it will help your kid strengthen the core. It also enhances muscle flexibility, improves balance and posture, and eliminates back pain. 

Just start in a push-up position, then bend the elbows and rest the forearms flat on the ground. Finally, flex your stomach and hold. Elbows should be directly underneath the shoulders. Have your child hold the position for 10 seconds, and they can increase the time gradually. 


A safe and useful activity that can help improve your kid's flexibility and posture. It improves joint movement, reduces the tension in muscles, enhances blood circulation and muscle coordination. 

Start with sitting on a mat with your back straight. Stretch both legs as wide as they can. Now hold your left knee with your left hand. Now lift your right hand to the top of the head and lean towards the left. Now, repeat on the other side. Breathe normally and repeat on the other side. 

Bridge Pose 

It is a calming yoga posse that will help reduce stress and stretch the chest, neck and back. It will also strengthen the leg and back. 

Lay down on your back, rest your arms on the floor, alongside your body. Bend your knees and set your feet flat on the floor. Now lift your hips off the ground while keeping the back straight. Breathe out and hold the position. Slowly come back to the initial position while breathing in. 

Child’s pose

This yoga pose is great to relax strained muscles. It reduces stress, fatigue and relaxes all the upper body muscles. It also aids digestion and elongates the lower back.

Kneel on the floor with your toes together and your knees hip-width apart. Rest your palms on your thighs. Now, lean forward and extend your arms alongside your torso with your palms facing down. Relax the shoulders toward the ground. Rest in the pose for as long as you like. 

Note: While these exercises are great for your kids, you need to ensure that your kid is comfortable doing these. Make sure that their posture is correct to avoid any injuries.

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